Technical and Financial Analysis of Purse Seine that Use Rumpon with Petromaks Lamp at Tanete Riattang Waters. Regent Bone

This research is done at east Tanete Riattang regent Bone that continue from August up to September 1998. The purpose of thid research is for knowing technical aspect and financial instrument of catch pursue seine which used tools “rumpon” with Petromaks lamp.

According to supervision that ten unit pursue seine which use Rumpon with petromaks lamp, to be seen that technical aspect is gotten result of catch around 88.830 kg till 199,460 kg or rate 103,203 kg per unit.  The result of catch for one day operation between 2,0 – 4,0 or rates 3,1.

The result analysis of unit economy pursue seine which use Rumpon with petromaks lamp to show income netto around Rp 64.570.000 – Rp. 103.407.500 or rates Rp. 82.736.625, income per men power between Rp.2.391.481 – Rp.3.587.509 or rates Rp. 2.839.487.

Value of unit ratio (R/C) purse seine which used rumpon with petromeks lamp between 1,6 – 1,9 ar rates 1,7 in this case shawing that this tool feasible is developed because value of ratio bigger than one means that total of income still biggest than cost total which gone out every years this case can be sean on destiny which is gotter between Rp. 29.057.000 – Rp. 54.901.734 or rates Rp. 40.444.567.

Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Ir. Achmar Mallawa, DEA, Ir. Assir Marimba, M.Sc and Sri Suro Adhawati, SE

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